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“Change has given leaders an opportunity to practice reimagining execution and a means of thinking and learning to break outdated mindsets, operating models, and leadership blind spots.” – Terence Mauri

Resolution: Change is Welcome

As you formulate your 2022 resolutions, I’d like you to hold the thought of continuous improvement as a north star. Nothing is static, so we must embrace change as the seed for transformation. The process of change can be paralyzing. But the truth is the solutions you currently rely on might not be the solution you need 12 months from now. So, continuous improvement must be part of our organizations’ DNA. This reimagining focus enables us to find better ways to execute strategy, innovate products, and deliver customer value.

In the article “Why Reimagination is the New Execution (Terence Mauri), the author outlines ten elements of “New World DNA”. These elements are leadership principles he believes are changing based on our experiences of the last 18 months. DNA elements on his list that resonated with me include:

  • knowing how to learn and un-learn,
  • being intentionally focused on talent and mastery, and
  • moving away from command and control to care and co-creation.

Leaders are agents of change and identify opportunities for improvement, take in inputs, and drive adjustments. As we head into 2022, I encourage you to keep learning, adjusting, implementing, mastering, and co-creating.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, abundant 2022.



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