Helping growing organizations bridge the leadership development gap for individual contributors, new managers, mid-level professionals, and work teams.

Hi, I’m Pamela Coleman-Davis.

A coach, mentor, and facilitator helping growing organizations develop their next generation of leaders.

I understand the challenges of providing and delivering a quality leadership development program. I’ve been there, too, because I’ve spent years coaching individuals and groups through times of extraordinary change. And I know from first-hand experience that shadowing and self-education alone are not enough to provide the knowledge and coaching needed to face today’s business challenges.

I’m here to support you.

Having worked in start-ups and large public companies in my 30-year career, including executive, senior & mid-management roles, I’ve seen what can happen when high-potentials receive focused leadership coaching.

Leadership development is an intricate process that requires subject matter expertise, relevant experience, and dedicated focus. I help your growing organization get individuals through the necessary transition from current state to strong leadership competence.

Choose to lead.

The Modern Leadership Design™ program offers a fresh perspective and structured approach to leadership development, leveraging the latest research from leaders in the field and my professional experiences.

By working together, we will create and execute a leadership development strategy that meets your growing organization’s needs.

“Working with a coach is a commitment to transformation.
Every day the future arrives.
Start now, where you are, begin.

Pamela Coleman-Davis

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