For individuals looking to extend learning by having access to a senior leader role model to get advice, feedback, or information about their role.

High-Potentials need great mentors.

Mentorship allows individuals access to an experienced senior leader to get advice, insight, and perspective on many things, including situational issues, launching initiatives, implementing process change, and career advancement.

It’s time to tap into experience.



Get unbiased advice and guidance for everyday situational challenges.



Discuss relevant insights, best practices, methods, and strategies.



Encouragement and constructive feedback on goals, development gaps, and projects

The Modern Leadership Design program.

Modern Leadership Design™ is a structured approach to leadership development for individual contributors, new managers, mid-level professionals, and work teams in growing organizations.


For individuals seeking advice from an experienced leader regarding transitioning into a new role or launching a big project.

Organizations can purchase a custom package to secure a role model mentor for identified roles.


Your most frequently asked questions, answered.
How is this different from other development programs?

I combine my real-world experience with strength and executive coaching expertise to bring the best resources to each mentoring session.

How can I ensure this is worth the investment in time and money?
Each mentorship engagement is an opportunity to seek timely advice from an experienced professional. Your return will depend on the use case. But any investment working with a professional can yield the benefits of empowerment, enhanced performance and productivity, and insights that improve your effectiveness.
Will this program align with our organizations’ development strategy?
Yes, I partner with the HR Business Partner on the approach to make sure it aligns with your organization’s needs.
How much time will this take?
It depends on the level of access you think is appropriate. Access varies, but typical mentorships run for a limited time (e.g., six sessions over a short period).
Will this help me advance my career
Mentorship helps you gain access to more resources to help you feel more confident in your day-to-day activities.

“Dreams seldom materialize on their own.

Dian Fossey

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