For individuals looking to accelerate their leadership development with 1-1 coaching sessions to achieve their goals.

Meet the challenges of leadership development head-on.

Whether it is an individual contributor looking to step up, a new manager, or a mid-level professional wanting to reach a higher leadership level, they all need the same thing: a leadership development focus designed to face today’s challenges.

One-to-one coaching provides individuals with the support to uncover their strengths, realize their leadership style, and overcome unique challenges.

Your accelerated leadership development journey starts now.


Focus and develop your strengths

Understand how leveraging strengths can create long-term success.


Discover your leadership pathway

Learn how leadership style influences the team and organization.


Become a high-impact leader

Overcome challenges, inspire confidence and become an innovative leader.

1-1 leadership coaching packages.

Wherever you are on your leadership development path, there’s a program to help you reach your goals:

Individual contributors

For aspiring individuals who want to become a manager or team leader within 12 months.

New Managers

For individuals new to management that need coaching or advice to increase their leadership effectiveness.

Mid-level professionals

For mid-level professionals who need to improve their leadership presence or prepare for an advanced leadership role.


Your most frequently asked questions, answered.
How is coaching different from mentoring?

Coaching is a formal, performance-driven process designed to accelerate leadership development. Mentoring is more informal and driven by the individual’s desire to seek advice from an expert.

Is coaching only for poor performers or high flyers?
Everyone can benefit from coaching. It’s about helping people move from where they are to wherever they want to go. High-performing individuals often take advantage of coaching to help them accelerate their performance.
How is this different from other development programs?
I combine my real-world experience with my coaching credentials to bring clients in growing organizations the best resources to the engagements; on par with enterprise-level programs.
How can I ensure this is worth the investment in time and money?
Each coaching engagement has a structured approach designed to meet the specific needs of the individual. Working with a coaching professional can yield the benefits of enhanced performance, increased productivity, confidence, and insights that improve your leadership effectiveness and presence.
Will this program align with our organizations’ development strategy?
Yes, I partner with the HR Business Partner on the approach to make sure it aligns with your organization’s needs.
How much time will this take?
The length of the coaching engagement will depend on the development plan. Every plan is unique, so the length will vary, but typical coaching engagements are between 3 – 6 months.
Will this help me advance my career?
Coaching is designed to help you accelerate your learning and attain a specific goal.

“Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.”

Marilyn vos Savant

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