Leadership coaching for growing organizations.


Todays’ challenges require us all to become leaders

That’s why leadership development has to be for everyone.

Whether the leadership role is assigned or not, everyone from individual contributors to mid-level professionals will be thrust into leadership roles to tackle today’s challenges.

But with the working world changing rapidly, today’s business climate has challenged our thinking regarding who and what it takes to be considered a leader.

These days, high-potential individuals are asked to be innovators, collaborators, and strategic thinkers who take on leadership roles and effectively use their talents.

Relying solely on traditional development methods, like shadowing and self-education, no longer cover all development bases. Managers are so busy they rarely have time to focus on developing the next generation of leaders. And well-meaning organizations are challenged to find learning development programs that are effective for high-potentials.

It’s time to focus on your leadership potential.


Uncover strengths

Establish a foundation for long-term success by understanding individual strengths.

Discover your leadership style

Understand leadership styles and how to plan a course for authentic leadership.

Become a high-impact leader

Work to overcome challenges and feel more confident, and discover what it takes to become an impactful leader.

Hi, I’m Pamela.

I’m a Coach, mentor, and facilitator helping growing organizations develop the next generation of leaders.

These days, many people lack confidence in their leadership potential. They’re looking for validation that they’re developing in the right way.

After 30-years of practical leadership experience in start-ups and public companies, I have created a program that meets individuals where they are on their leadership development journey. The Modern Leadership Designprogram bridges the leadership development gap and gives individual contributors, new managers, mid-level professionals, and teams the skills and knowledge they need to step up and lead with confidence in today’s fast-changing working environment.

People don’t become exceptional leaders overnight. Leadership development is an intricate process that requires subject matter expertise, relevant experience, and dedicated focus. I help your growing organization get individuals through the necessary transition from their current state to strong leadership competence.

The Modern Leadership Design program.

Modern Leadership Design™ is a structured approach to leadership development for individual contributors, new managers, mid-level professionals, and work teams in growing organizations.

For individuals looking to extend learning by having access to a senior leader role model to get advice, feedback, or information about their role.

For individuals looking to accelerate their leadership development with 1-1 coaching sessions to achieve their goals.


Workshops and coaching sessions that enable work teams to work better together.

“Working with a coach is a commitment to transformation.
Every day the future arrives.
Start now, where you are, begin.”

Pamela Coleman-Davis

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