“This is a new world. We won’t go back to the old world, that’s just gone. So what do we do? Do we just wait? Or do we accelerate transformation?” — Alexandre Dayon, President and Chief Strategy Officer, Salesforce

Transformation is my word for 2021. In all facets of our lives, the ability to transform starts with a desire to be better. I am sure you would agree, leaders are influential in their ability to transform — they shape behavior through their actions, mindset, and values. Now more than ever, we rely on great leaders to help people and institutions transform into something better. Last week’s attack on the Capitol is a sobering reminder of how important leadership is — no matter your job title. There is no transformation without great leaders.

In the spirit of transformation, this month’s blog post, Rethink Your Leadership Paradigm, asserts the definition of leadership has changed, making leadership development more important than ever. In recommended reading, this 2018 Gallup article, The End of the Traditional Manager, offers a good perspective on the evolution of the manager role. It is worth a read.

This is a new world indeed. No matter your vision for the future, what is true is, you always need great leaders in your organization. If you have questions or want to discuss your leadership development strategy, I would love to chat with you.

It’s 2021 — here’s to transformation.



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